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Utah Mortgage Calculators

At US Mortgage and Loan Utah, we have carefully designed our mortgage calculators to give you the most relevant results. With Utah home prices so high, it is very important to use every tool that you can when looking to buy or refinance your home. We welcome you to use our calculators below to help you determine your lending needs.

Whether you have a good or bad credit history, you will be given every opportunity to receive the best financing option available. Even if you've had problems in the past, rates are so low that you can a still qualify for a great rate.

What price of home can I afford in Utah?

This mortgage calculator will help you determine the price range of the homes that you are able to qualify for based on your current income and debt. This calculator also points out some key strategies when buying a home that can dramatically lower your monthly payments.

What will be my monthly mortgage payment?

This loan calculator will help you determine what your monthly mortgage payment will be, based on the price of the home and your interest rate.

Will I save money by refinancing my current mortgage?

Refinancing can literally save you thousands of dollars when done properly. Our Utah Refinance Calculator helps you to determine how much money you will save, both per month and over the life of your loan, by refinancing today.

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