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About California Mortgage and Loan

California Mortgage and Loan (a subsidiary of US Mortgage and Loan) is one of the fastest growing mortgage referral companies online. Our mission is to bring the best California Licensed Brokers and Lenders directly to you (our client) on a personal and professional level. In fact, each person that visits our website, instantly receives their own personal California Loan Specialist which can help them with any of their lending needs.

In addition to our personal Loan Specialist services, we have built our entire company with you in mind. This includes our one minute application form, innovative and informative calculators, and free home buying and selling strategies; all of which were created to help you with your lending needs and save you valuable time and money.

California Mortgage and Loan was founded and is based in Ogden, Utah. For any loan questions or inquiries, please contact your personal Loan Specialist. His/her picture and information can be found on the right hand column of every page of our site. For lender, broker, press release, or other company information, please visit our Contact Us page. We thank you for visiting California Mortgage and Loan and are glad to assist you with any of your lending needs.

Elizabeth Stevenson
Loan Specialist

Hours: 10am-6pm Mon.-Fri. MST
Phone: (877) 511-8811
Fax: (866) 897-2452

My name is Elizabeth Stevenson. I am a licensed and bonded loan officer with Accurate Lending. I have been chosen to be your personal representative for any loan needs or questions that you might have.

Look for my picture throughout the site for helpful tips and information and feel free to contact me anytime.

I look forward to working with you.

Elizabeth Stevenson
Accurate Lending